"We had Fountain hills pet nanny watch our 2 fur babies for almost a week. She did an amazing job with Jojo and Canelo. We loved that she was flexible for what was needed for them. Thank you again Vespyr. Definitely recommend her!"  - Tina Hurt Crawley

"Fountain Hills Pet Nanny is great! She is great with our whole pet family (2 dogs and a cat) and is very responsible and reliable. She does a great job taking care of and playing with the pets and is very conscientious about following up if there are any issues or concerns. We love having her and it is such a relief to have someone we can leave the family with and not worry about their love and care while we are away."   - Heather Abbott

"I have to say I am extremely pleased with Fountain Hills Pet Nanny service. As with many dog owners, I am very picky about who cares for my "baby girl". She is a hyper one and always full of energy but also lots of love. From the moment the sitter from Fountain Hills Pet Nanny service walked into our home for the initial visits I knew it was a fit (I interviewed 5 sitters - and by far this was the best hands down). She was very friendly not only to us but our "baby girl" too. They say pets can seek out the true personality of a person - and our girl did, she was licking and playing with the sitter who showed loving interaction toward our pup from the moment she walked in. Since our pup is part of the family we wanted updates during our longer times away and this was never a problem. The sitter even spent some extra time a few times while we were away for a long time. When we came home our pup was happy to see us, but acted like we had only been gone a few hours (this made us know she was well cared for while we were gone). We are very satisfied with Fountain Hills Pet Nanny service, they are responsive to our needs and our "baby girl". We will definitely call them next time we need pet sitting."   - Keith Foley

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"Vespyr is wonderful! She takes such great care of our cat Pumpkin while we are away and gives her plenty of love and attention that Pumpkin doesn't even seem to miss us anymore. She used to be super needy whenever we would come home after a weekend away, but not anymore. I think she really enjoys the visits! Thank you Vespyr for taking such great care of our baby." ☺️ 

   - Tessie Maxine

"The Pet Nanny service is the best. She is always available when we need her and responsive to your needs. She spends time with your pet and keeps in contact with you via cell phone. We love her. " - Janell Clark Stover

"Vespyr was terrific when we went away over Christmas. Our kitty didn't even miss us and seemed so content. We received updates and photos too. Fish, frogs, hummingbirds, finch feeders and bird feeders were all maintained while we were gone. That's a tall order and she was happy to do it all and over the Holidays!! We have used her over weekends too and she stepped right back in to help. Stellar gal and stellar service." - Christen Ebert Schlette

"Fountain Hills Pet Nanny is wonderful! My cat has diabetes and requires insulin shots every twelve hours. With a busy work schedule and occasional travel, this was difficult for me at times. Vet boarding was expensive and stressful for my cat, and friends and family were often unavailable to help. The Pet Nanny changed all that! She comes in and takes care of my pets in the comfort of their own home. She is affordable, flexible and takes excellent care of my furry family. I would highly recommend her to anyone  looking for in-home pet care. "      - Laura Poore

"We have hired Fountain Hills Pet Nanny numerous times to take care of our small dog, and each time, we have been delighted with her personalized attention and the level of care that she has provided for our dog while we are away. She gladly communicates with us while we are gone, with calls, texts, and FB messages when we are out of the country, and doesn't act like we are nuts because we want to know how our dog is doing from day to day. In October, when our pup turned one, she even threw him a pirate themed birthday party and sent us pictures. To actually see our dog enjoying himself is very reassuring. For anyone who wants the best of service, in terms of pet care, I can offer my highest recommendation." - Kelley Shope

"I highly recommend Fountain Hills Pet Nanny to take care of your little loved ones when you aren't able to. I am 100℅ worry free when I leave my cat in their hands and you will be too! Text messages are quickly responded to. The rates are very competitive." 

- Christine Levinson

"I would like to say I have been delighted with Fountain Hills Pet Nanny as an excellent pet sitting service. Without hesitation, I would call upon them again! My 3 dogs and bird are well taken care of while I am away and my instructions have always been followed to a tee. I have been exceptionally pleased with their service and Liko, Taka, Abby and Sophie welcome me home like they've been on a vacation themselves - all happy and relaxed and well taken care of !"   - Pam Peet

"Over the years my wife and I have used various pet sitters in the different cities we have lived in.  Fountain Hills Pet Nanny is by far the best pet sitter we have ever had!  Their professionalism, caring, and attention to detail is unmatched.  We have three small dogs that get very upset when we are gone.  Since we have started using Fountain Hills Pet Nanny, my wife and I cannot believe how calm our pups are upon our return.  Fountain Hills Pet Nanny cares for each of our dogs like they are their own.  It is a tremendous comfort for my wife and I to be able to travel knowing our dogs are being extremely well cared for!" 

  - Douglas Hatfield

"Our two dogs and cat are spoiled. We would never leave them with a kennel service if we had to travel. Fountain Hills Pet Nanny took excellent care of them and our house while we were away on vacation. She is efficient, kind, and trustworthy. I would recommend her services to anyone who travels and wants to be sure their pets are safe and happy in their own home."  - Susan Clifford

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"The Pet Nanny takes terrific care of our two cats while we are away. I never have a worry about them while we are gone. I highly recommend her services." - Jill Kyler

Our Client Testimonials:

"I have two male cats who prefer home above all else. So I found a gem in the Fountain Hills Pet Nanny. Whenever my husband and I go away we feel completely confident and assured that our "little ones" will have the best loving care anywhere. The cats love her and whenever she comes over they are all over her. We just came back from two weeks in New York and thankfully I go way away without a care. She tends to all their needs. I think animals just love her soft, gentle way and can sense she's a keeper! I love my animals with all my heart and would never write a letter like this if I didn't think it would benefit pet owners who feel the same way. I twist here were more people in the world like her."    - Patricia DeRose

"Perfection!! That's what I think of the Fountain Hills Pet Nanny!!  She is so very reliable and gets lots of information up front before you leave to avert any difficult situation.  She thinks ahead!!  She understands the problems of wildlife sneaking up on you and is very careful not to let my puppies squeeze out of the door.  I have 3 cocker spaniels and I use to avoid leaving town because I hated to board them..Not anymore-she comes to my home, walks them, feeds them, gives them medication (at no extra charge) and loves them.  She also will get your mail and water your plants.  She has a happy heart and it comes through in her excellent service. She keeps in touch through text messages and phone calls. Her prices are more than reasonable! My puppies were happy and looked great after being gone for a week.  She is on my speed dial for the best in pet sitting!!"  - Ginny Keaney

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"Let me say this, our Himalayan cat is not the easiest fur kid to get along with, but somehow, Fountain Hills Pet Nanny has won her over. They are very kind and gentle with her and I think she really looks forward to their visits. We travel a lot for business and we work with Fountain Hills Pet Nanny every time. They are very professional, reliable and so pleasant to work with. It gives us so much peace of mind to know that our fur baby is well cared for. I would highly recommend them."
- Suzanne Roberta Meyer

"We have Vespyr watch or dog Jack anytime we go out of town, she has watched him for the last 5 years!! Excellent Pet Nanny:-)!!"   - Katie Palmer

*All of our recommendations are available for potential clients to contact.*

"When we moved to Fountain Hills, we were looking for someone to take care of our family dog, Coco.  Fountain Hills Pet Nanny was referred to us by Coco’s pet groomer who we trusted.  Pet Nanny is a caring, loving, dependable and friendly service that has earned our trust and without hesitation we would recommend them for your pet.  They provide exceptional customer service, are dependable and treat Coco with the care and love that she deserves." - Dr. John M. Baracy

"Vespyr has watched our 2 dogs a few times now, and I am glad to give her this 5 star rating! I love that we can go away and have our dogs feel at home while we are away. They have never done well in boarding facilities. They are much less stressed in their own home and Vespyr takes care of them very well! What a great service she offers to our community."   - Dawn Richards

"We have been using Fountain Hills Pet Nanny for over two years during our snowbird periods in Arizona.  We have two medium large dogs and a cat.  They provide visits, trips to the dog park, and even overnight house sitting as needed.  We are pretty devoted to our pets and it is great knowing that we can travel without concern for their well-being.  Our pets have intricate medicine and feeding requirements and all are handled well.   We like the fact that we can stay connected to our pets when traveling for that extra assurance."  - Steven Sliwa