Dog Walking / Fitness Services:
In the neighborhood Single Dog Walk:
30 minutes - $21.00

45 minutes - $25.00
60 minutes - $30.00
1.5 hours - $35.00

Extended Dog Walks, Hikes or trips to Desert Vista Dog Park, Fountain Park or to the McDowell Mountain Park area:

30 minutes - $25.00
60 minutes - $33.00
1.5 Hours - $37.00
2 Hours - $45.00

**Fees above reflect up to 2 large size dogs or 3 small dogs. *Prices may vary depending upon the number of dogs, their size and fitness levels in your household.

Your pet(s) will receive individualized care and attention and maintain their normal routine in their own home. This relieves the stress of boarding for your pets and being in a cage, kennel or cooped up in a very small room while you are away. They will be comfortable in their own home where all the sights, sounds, and smells bring comfort and security. You will experience the convenience of leaving your pets in their own home environment and not having to worry. At home overnight pet nanny care service is the humane way for pet sitting care.

Communication and updates regarding your pet are catered to your needs - from daily, weekly texts, e-mails or calls which suit your preference. We can also send photos via text or e-mail, so you can see for yourself that your pets are happy, healthy and in good hands. We are bonded, insured and licensed. Fountain Hills Pet Nanny is well established within the community.

Our Pet Sitting Services:

***Fees will vary depending upon the number and type of pets in the household, number of visits throughout the day along with client, pet and house sitting needs which will be determined at each client consultation.

Pets are all different sizes, shapes and temperaments. They possess various activity levels, dietary and medical needs, our fur babies appreciate our customized pet sitting to fit their individualized needs for pet care.

Working late, vet appointments during work hours, need a pick-up or drop-off from the groomers, emergencies or appointments - we understand. Let your pets be chauffeured to their next appointment by their Pet Nanny.

  • Our Standard and longer Pet sitting visits include: fresh food and water, special food or diet preparation, medication administration, waste management, potty breaks, play time and/or exercise, attention and lots of affection for your pets. Extra for the pet parent: water plants, retrieve newspaper/mail, put out trash and recycle bins, adjust blinds, rotate lights and home security check. Additional requests just ask us.

  • Potty Break Visits: Trying to potty train your puppy, new adoptee or have a small dog or a dog that needs to be let out more often or during the day while you're at work. This short 15 minute visit maintains their routine of potty break and treat and/or praise.

  • We understand that every pet owner and their pets have different needs; therefore, we customize visits to tailor to your specific needs with attention to the fine details.
  • For more than 4 pets add $3.00 for each additional pet.
  • Feel free to mix and match visit types throughout the day to best suit your pet needs.

Overnight Pet Sitting:

Overnight Pet Sitting Types:                                                                                                                      
Simply Pet Nanny Care:   ($70.00 - $85.00)

Simply an overnight stay with your pet(s) to maintain their routine includes evening and morning potty breaks along with feedings.
Extra Pet Nanny Care:   ($80.00 - $100.00)

An overnight stay with your pet(s) to maintain their routine includes morning, mid-day and evening potty breaks along with feedings (includes two breaks per day: mid-day and dinner).    

Pampered Pet Nanny Care:   ($90.00 - $115.00) 

An overnight stay with your pet(s) to maintain their routine includes morning, mid-day, late afternoon and evening potty breaks along with feedings (includes three breaks per day: mid-morning, mid-day and dinner).

Posh Pet Nanny Care:  ($125.00 - $150.00)

For Pets That Have It All - service for those needing the most premium care which includes both evening and daycare for your pet. This is live-in service in the pets' own home by the pet nanny who will stay in your home with your pet 15 hours each day. Available on a limited basis.

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Pet Sitting available in Fountain Hills, Rio Verde and Scottsdale Zip Code: 85259.

In-Home Pet Sitting:

House Sitting Services:

Pet Chauffeur Service:
Pets in need of a chauffeur to get them to the veterinarian, groomer, trainer, purchase pet supplies or to their next photo shoot?

Fees: $20.00 for 30 minutes / $25.00 for 45 minutes / $30.00 for 60 minutes. (Out of service area additional fees may apply.)

Pet Chauffeur Services:

House Sitting/Home Care Services:
We will water indoor and outdoor plants, retrieve newspaper/mail, adjust blinds, rotate lights, bring trash and/or recycling to the curb and do a security walk-thru of the premises - free with a standard pet care visit or overnight care, otherwise fees range from $15.00 to $25.00 per visit.   

Snowbird Security walk-thru and Inspection of the premises - fees are weekly, biweekly or monthly $25.00 per visit or $40.00 for two visits.

Dog Walking / Dog Fitness / Dog Hiking:

Does your pet need extra care, more  exercise and playtime, lots of attention or simply needs to maintain routine while you are away? We offer a healthy alternative to boarding your pets. We will stay in your home with your pets to keep them company while you are away from home. Overnight stay hours start between (7:00 PM - 8:00 PM) and end between (6:00 AM - 7:00 AM). We are there with your pets for 11 or more hours per day. For pets that need more care and attention there is the option of having us visit them throughout the day as well.

Chose Your Visit Type Below:

15 Minute Visit  - $18.00   

Mid-day Dog Potty Break or Bedtime Dog Potty Break.               

30 Minute Visit  - $24.00

Standard Pet Visit - see below.                                

45 Minute Visit  - $30.00     

Multiple Pet Household Visit or

longer dog walk, exercise and attention.

60 Minute Visit - $36.00

Once a Day Cat Visit

Pets that need extra attention, exercise, social or play-time.

90 Minute Visit - $45.00

Mid-day Power Pet Sitting

Doggie Day-Care Session.                                            

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